Churchfields Chaplaincy

Churchfields Chaplaincy is a service for all provided by City Gate Church, on Churchfields Industrial Estate.


We provide a safe and confidential listening ear, without judgement.



We will walk with you through the highs and lows of business and will pray for you if you’d like us to.



We can direct you to organisations and resources where you can find additional support.

Churchfields chaplaincy team

Meet The Team

Chaplains are trained volunteers who can listen to and support individuals and organisations.


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Book a confidential 1:1 session with one of our chaplains.

Here to help you

All of us struggle and none of us are immune to the challenges of life, be this workplace stress, death of a loved one, difficulties with; relationships, parenting, finances, addiction, ill mental or physical health.

Chaplains are here to listen and support, not to give advice or to tell you what to do, but to give you a safe place to talk through what you are facing, support you as you make decisions.

Chaplains are also very knowledgeable about the services available in the City and can signpost you to a relevant organisation for further information or help if required.

Increased workplace wellbeing

Churchfields Chaplaincy is a service specifically for the businesses on the estate. We don’t charge for our services but we are no less committed to making your workplace better. Our chaplains can add value within your business by helping staff feel a greater sense of wellbeing at work, whether they are the most senior or the most junior member of the team, by helping them find meaning and purpose.

Fresh perspective on challenges faced by individuals

Chaplains are in a privileged position, being independent while at the same time having a heart for the businesses they support. They can bring a fresh perspective to the challenges people face in their lives and provide a safe and confidential listening ear to anyone in times of change, stress or crisis – either in the workplace or outside. Chaplains can often be the catalyst for positive change.

History of Industrial Chaplains

Christian workplace chaplains have been supporting businesses in the UK for decades. The first industrial mission team was established in Sheffield in 1944. Today, chaplains can be found in shops, industrial estates, prisons, construction sites, hospitals, transport businesses, local authorities, emergency services, street markets… to name but a few! They are welcomed by business owners and staff alike, as they bring a real value to the workplace.

Contact us about chaplaincy

If you think you or your business can benefit from workplace chaplaincy, we’d love to talk to you.

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