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01722 580024 (Cafe) / 01722 412351 (Office) Unit 1, Newton Rd, Salisbury

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Quench Salisbury aims to support entrepreneurs to set up and grow their business by providing a range of affordable services. Co-working is a movement that provides a collaborative space for creative, freelance, independent and nomadic workers that is underpinned by a core set of values. At Quench we aspire to and expect those who work with us to share in those values of:

Collaboration: We love helping each other. It is important that everyone contributes as well as benefits from a strong co-working community.

Trust: We want to keep our friendly, family atmosphere, which requires openness and trust from everyone who uses the building.

Sustainability: Although shared workspaces are environmentally friendly already, we want to keep making sure we take all appropriate measures to minimize our carbon footprint.

Openness: We want to open our doors and be welcoming to those who need the space and create an atmosphere of respect for each other’s faith, nationality, gender, age, disability, etc.