Salisbury's Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises are business that are set out to improve society. Their main objective is a social or environment one but they sustain themselves through trade. There are more and more social enterprises in Salisbury and more and more people in Salisbury are interested in the concept of social enterprise.

The map below shows the various social enterprises that are already running in Salisbury and surrounding areas. You can find more information below and on their websites/social media pages. If you run a social enterprise in or near Salisbury please get in touch and we will add you to the map. 

If you are interested in setting up a social enterprise, we would love to help you. Please find more information here.

We want to see Salisbury transformed into a city of great employment opportunities and innovative solutions through social enterprise.

Social Enterprise Directory

Quench Salisbury

We are a social enterprise and co-working hub in Salisbury, Wiltshire with a vision to enable social entrepreneurs in transforming local, national and global communities through innovation and partnership. We also run a community cafe on Churchfields Industrial Estate in Salisbury, and rent out meeting rooms.

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Bemerton Heath Bike Hub

We create positive opportunities where young people can tell a different story with their lives. At Bemerton Heath Bike Hub we fix donated second hand bikes, providing the community with affordable modes of transport whilst offering practical mentoring to young people.

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The Pantry Partnership

We are a Social Enterprise engaging people in cooking activities helping them to create enjoyable, delicious, nutritious meals from next to nothing.

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Better Futures For Gamblers

We partner with Churches to help people overcome their gambling addiction. If you think you have a problem with gambling, we can assess your gambling problem online. We have various options you can take from there, depending on how severe your problem is and what you would prefer to do.

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Co-Cars Car Share Club

Co-cars Ltd is a social enterprise with community roots, providing a professional service to its members. As a co-operative we make sure our members have a say in how the organisation is run, and that they share in any profits. All our members have an equal vote, regardless of the amount they have invested.

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Tavola Bakehouse

Tavola is Italian for ‘the table’. Steve’s Italian roots make him passionate about the Italian custom to gather together round the table with friends and family and share a great meal. He hopes to contribute to your table with tasty and nutritious, good-for-you bread.

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Jen Gale

Jen is an ethical business coach, inspiring change makers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create positive impact and a better world.

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The Cure Coffee Lab

The Cure Coffee Lab was born out a simple concept; to provide exceptional coffee, and brewing equipment in one convenient place. Established in 2016, The Cure Coffee Lab seeks to take the way we source and brew our coffee and turn convention on its head.

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Foragers Farm

Foragers is a non-profit social enterprise based in South Wilts. From foraging to fundraising, gardening to governance, or from edibles to enterprise, Foragers can help growing communities & community growing.

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Goodfayre is an ethical retail store selling good goods, everything in the store has a story and has been on a journey. Goodfayre want to encourage people to become more sustainable, treat animals and people fairly and help not harm our environment.

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