Josh Williams

“I’m learning so much about social enterprise and I love being a barista in the Quench café.

I am a freerunner and I have a level 1 coaching qualification and about to complete my Level 2 Parkour coaching qualification. I currently coach 8 year olds part time. This is my friends’ business and I help him out. I also work part time as a barista in Quench Cafe.

I want to set up my own freerunning business aimed at children under 7 as I have identified a niche in the market. There is nothing that I know of in Wiltshire or neighbouring counties that offers a freerunning for engaging this age group and coaching them to live life to the full.

I’ve been getting help from the people around me and at Quench I’ve been paired up with a great mentor, who is helping to develop my business plan. This has really helped me to get started.